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01 November 2016
Arie Mando

All about Arie Mando and his latest release – All About 90’s

Q: Who is Arie Mando?


A: My real name is Fabian and I am based in Amsterdam. My mother is from the Moluccans and my father is Dutch. I set up my name Arie Mando as my facebook name couple years back when I was visiting a lot of underground techno & house parties. I used it as a sort of alias but after a while I just stuck with it and now I am using it to create music.


Q: Who would you say is/are your biggest influence/s?


I listen to all kinds of house music but mostly its 90s house, UK garage, Garage House & Underground house so my biggest influences are Danny J Lewis from whom I also learned a lot via his Youtube channel about Ableton & Maschine. I also get a lot of inspiration from Scott Diaz, Matt Jam Lamont, Jeremy Sylvester, Nathaniel X Project, Alex Agore, Sebb Junior etc. There are so many good producers out there to name them all 🙂


Q: When did you start making music?


Actually 2013 but it took me a year to learn Ableton from watching mostly Youtube videos. The year before I bought a Macbook with the intention to make music but it was more difficult than I thought it would be and it still is a really big learning process. So in 2014 I uploaded my first track to soundcloud.


Q: What are currently your main challenges as a Producer/ DJ?


To grow in my production skills and create my own signature sound.


Q: What are your views on the current state of the underground music scene?


There is so much good underground music out there so I think it’s here to stay.


Q: What kind of gear do you currently have in your studio?




  • I have Maschine which I really love working with. It can create instant ideas within a split second.
  • Next to that I have a Push 1 which is working really well in combination with Maschine.
  • Korg Microkorg which I use as midi controller as well as synthesizer.
  • Korg Volca Sample
  • Novation launchpad
  • Behringer UMX 610 midi controller
  • Novation Audiohub 2×4.
  • Ipad Mini (synths,effects etc)`
  • KRK G5 x 2
  • Sennheiser HD 280 pro
  • Macbook pro + 2TB ext HD


Q: Is there a particular device/ plugin that influences your sound and you cannot work without?


A: That would definitely be Maschine. It so easy to use and quick to create ideas.


Q: Tell us a little more about your upcoming EP. How long did it take and what kind of work went into it?


A: Well actually I was really inspired one day by listening to one of Mood Indigo’s shows on the Underground Sessions on the same evening I tried to catch that same garage vibe he is always playing so it was done within a few days and I immediately thought of Phono Vibez for the remix


Q: As an artist how do you define your own success or how will you know when you have made it?


A: For me it was and still is a real nice compliment when my tracks are getting played on for example the underground sessions by Caspa, Mood Indigo, Jinksy, Emma Champion etc. because I know they only play good music so when I hear my track it really feels I did something right! Also since Global Indulgence vol 1 I got in contact with Lu York and Phono Vibez and we have been in contact on a daily/weekly base about music and all sorts of stuff so I have to thank CMR for this!


What more can we expect from you after this release? Any events, live performances?

A: I have another EP coming this month on Pogo House Records and another EP with remixes by Groove Riddim and Lu York. For now I focus mainly on producing because that can be time consuming next to a full time job but of course check out my SC for upcoming releases and free downloads.


All about the 90’s is currently on promo on Traxsource and also includes a remix by Phono Vibez.


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