Castro (SA) and his new EP [OUT NOW !]

Q: Who is Castro? A: Castro is an alias of young lad “Tebogo Michael Selowa”   Q: When did you start making music? A: On the year 2009 I had a friend who owned a laptop computer and there was FL Studio(program), I have been tweaking since then although it took me a while to find the kind of sound I really like   Q:... Read More
July 2017

Arie Mando’s My Music Moments Interview

Arie Mando recently had a chat with the guys at My Music Moments about his latest release You and I, which is currently on promo via Traxsource and also features remixes by Hayden Green and Le Smoove. They spoke about his humble beginnings, his production process, studio gear and even the CMR secret group where we discuss everything music [LOL]. You can check out the full... Read More
July 2017

Various Artists – Global Indulgence, Vol. 2

Global Indulgence, Vol. 2 If you have been following the label for the past year or so. You will be familiar with our Global Indulgence compilation. We released the very first one, Global Indulgence, Vol. 1  on the 14th of February last year. The compilation was initially aimed at attracting new artists from all around the globe who share our music feel and express our... Read More
April 2017

Hayden Green Top 10 For March 2017

Hayden Green Top 10 For March 2017 including tracks by Jeremy Sylvester, H Justini, Chujo , Lu York, Deelay  and more….
March 2017

Arie Mando March Chart 2017

Arie Mando March Chart 2017 including tracks by Melodymann, Lu York, Mike Millrain, Mick James, Le Smoove and more..
March 2017

We speak to DJ Deelay about his latest release and other things

Q: Who is Deelay? A: Deelay originally started off as a DJ beginning from 1999. I held various residency spots around Leicester city in the UK and primarily focused on playing UK Garage as well as RnB & Hip Hop. As I went to study a degree in Multimedia at Nottingham Trent University I started to get more involved with learning audio and visual technology... Read More
March 2017


STRICTLY HOUSE 025 SPECIAL MIX THE BEST OF CRAZY MONK RECORDS BY DERRICK DA HOUSE Derrick Da House has put together a special mix to reflect on the previous year. 2016 was a great year for CMR. We saw a lot of growth and signed a lot of new talent. Most of which have joined the label as resident artists. If you have missed any... Read More
January 2017

All about Lu York and his latest release, In the ghetto

Q: Who is Lu York? A: First, before we discuss about who Lu York is, I would like to thank Crazy Monk Records for having me once again on this label. It is always a pleasure. It all started about a year ago when H Justini contacted me in regards to my music. I was a bit inactive for the year 2015 due to certain... Read More
December 2016

Now accepting demos through TrackDrop.

Sending demos can be daunting and dreadful, which it shouldn’t be. You are done with the music and feel it is now time to let the world hear your great tunes. Our DropTrack demo submission makes the process very easy. Just login with your facebook account. Enter track details, upload and submit. It is that easy. Once your demo has been submitted, you will receive... Read More
November 2016

All about Arie Mando and his latest release – All About 90’s

Q: Who is Arie Mando?   A: My real name is Fabian and I am based in Amsterdam. My mother is from the Moluccans and my father is Dutch. I set up my name Arie Mando as my facebook name couple years back when I was visiting a lot of underground techno & house parties. I used it as a sort of alias but after... Read More
November 2016

Get to know Hayden Green and his upcoming Spheres EP.

You may not be aware of this (for obvious reasons) but Hayden Green is one of the firsts artists to have an agreement with Crazy Monk Records. The man has not had a single release on the label till now. Needless to say we are very excited to finally get Hayden Green on our catalog. So we had a chat with the man to get... Read More
October 2016

We welcome Richelle Hicks to the family.

We are proud to welcome Richelle Hicks to the CMR family. Richelle Hicks is a Massachusetts based vocalist who has been working closesly with H justini. After several project (which have not yet been released). It seemed like the right thing to do. “I really enjoy working with Richelle, she has a great personality and so easy to work with. It is almost as if... Read More
August 2016
RhythmDK - Music Is
Rios Lights (Extended Mix) // RhythmDK – Music Is
  1. Rios Lights (Extended Mix) // RhythmDK – Music Is
  2. Music Is (Dmitri114 Said Mix) // RhythmDK – Music Is
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