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31 July 2017

Castro (SA) and his new EP [OUT NOW !]

Q: Who is Castro?

A: Castro is an alias of young lad “Tebogo Michael Selowa”


Q: When did you start making music?

A: On the year 2009 I had a friend who owned a laptop computer and there was FL Studio(program), I have been tweaking since then although it took me a while to find the kind of sound I really like


Q: Who would you say is/are your biggest influence/s?

A: Haha 😃 tough one, I’d say  Ralf GUM , Alex Agore , Mike Millrain, Piers Kirwan(to name just a few) has always been the big inspiration behind Castro


Q: What are currently your main challenges as a Producer/ DJ?

A: Time time time, I wish I had enough time to showcase/release these ideas I have


Q: What are your views on the current state of the underground music scene?

A: I really like the scene and I wish it could stay like this for a while, although some may beg to differ I think there’s lot of creativity here too


Q: What kind of gear do you currently have in your studio?

A: I use Sanchez Ark-2173 midi keyboard, Acer core i3 laptop to get the job done


Q: Is there a particular device/ plugin that influences your sound and you cannot work without?

A: Boy 😊 I’ve got a ton of these but I can’t survive without my Korg M1.


Q: What sets you apart from other producers?

A: I think the fact that I don’t follow the music rules when playing chords and drums makes me different.(although I play what sounds nice to my ears)


Q: Tell us a little more about your upcoming EP. How long did it take and when it was done, did you already know which label was going to release it?

A: It’s a 3 Track Ep actually, it is fused with Garage and Soulful sounds. When Arie Mando approached me with the Idea of sending something for CMR I hadn’t been making music for two full months, then when I finally got back to it I managed to finish it within a week


Q: What do you love/ loathe the most about the music and the SA music scene in particular?

A: I love how SA’s house is growing, look at us now we have “Deep Tech” and “Amapiano” this shows creativity and innovation. and also, the fact that house music is regarded the second biggest Genre


Q: Who are some of your favourite upcoming local and international producers you think we should look out for.

A: You should definitely look out for Chujo (SA), Mood Dusty(SA), JekyII(UK), David Caetano (Italy) and Deep House Vandal(SA)

Q: What more can we expect from you after this release? Any events, live performances?


A: I’m more of a producer than DJ, I’ll be dropping other releases real soon on Disco Balls Recordings, Gone Robot, Rare Beats.. and also I have a number of remixes I did for Arie Mando, Richelle Hicks, Deephonix, Hayden Green, Brian Que-Soul, David Caetano and a lot more


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