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30 August 2016

We talk to Fizzikx and discuss his upcoming release “Emotions & Love EP”

We had a chat with Fizzikx to better understand who he is, where he is from and where he is generally headed. We also talk about his upcoming EP titled “Love & Emotions”


Q:  Who is Fizzikx?

A: Well my real name is Joseph and I am based in the North Of England. I got the Fizzikx name one lunch time at my old college and i was seriously thinking about having a DJ/Producer name and funny enough i came up with loads of Science names and i choose Physics but wanted to change the spelling to make it a lot cooler.


Q: Who would you say is/are your biggest influence/s?

A: Mainly people who make the 90s Style Deep Underground Soulful Garage House Music and the artist’s that got me inspired were people like Danny J Lewis, Alex Agore, Kerri Chandler, Masters At Work, Tuff Jam & Many More


Q: When did you start making music?

A: Around September of 2014 when I got a Mac and the Logic Pro DAW and i was just messing around trying to make loads of styles of music and it just wasn’t working out for me at the time then just after Christmas of 2014 I gave up on the production but funny enough i got back into it around May of 2015 when I was looking at people making beats and then I was like yes I’m definitely getting back into this. So I started making a lot of style’s again but after summer of 2015 I started making the 90s style house music and never gave up on it.


Q: What are currently your main challenges as a Producer/ DJ?

A: To be honest just getting me name out a lot and being determined on what I do.


Q: How would you describe your production process?

A: Well that’s a good question sometimes ill make loads of projects and wont look at it for a few weeks then get back into and finish it off. It depends on which project files I really like and desperately want to finish off so that’s how I roll really.


Q: What kind of gear do you currently have in your studio?

Well my setup is just basic at the moment but I am getting a new studio built in a couple of weeks time. I have a speaker, Akkai lpk25 Midi Keyboard ,Akkai lpd8 and a Korg Nanokontrol but I am getting a 49 Midi Keyboard in a few weeks time so I can get a bigger keyboard for my new studio.


Q: Is there a particular device/ plugin that influences your sound and you cannot work without?
A: Well I mainly use Logics EXS24 sampler and it does the job for me. I can just drag and drop one shot chords and play it all over the keyboard.


Q: Tell us a little more about your upcoming EP. 

A: Well it didn’t take that long probably two weeks just digging ideas that i had done and thought I could finish those of and I finished them in mid august. I didn’t really know which label I was going to release it on at first I was thinking maybe some of the labels that I’ve been on or ones that have supportive of my work. I heard the crazy monk label by listening to Michael Johnston’s EP and I’m like i’ll try this label.


Q: As an artist how do you define your own success or how will you know when you have made it?

A: Well there was something in me was like I can do this I can get my name out there and there was something in me was like I can’t do this. but when i got my first release on Pogo House Records in April this year I’m like yes I did it I’ve just signed my first release and when my first EP on Pogo House Records came out i started getting loads of followers on Soundcloud and I was very grateful for that. Just recently I just had a release on Pure Beats Records and one of the tracks was in the soulful essential’s charts on Traxsource it was number 12 then day after went to number 13 and when I found out I was like wow I was blown away.


Q: What more can we expect from you after this release? Any events, live performances?

A: There will be some more release’s coming out before Christmas and next year and for live sets well haven’t got any plans yet but I am thinking of organizing some nights at Pub’s and Night Club’s soon. Make Sure check out my soundcloud for release’s previews, Remixes and Free Downloads.


You can preview Emotions & Love EP below.


RhythmDK - Music Is
Rios Lights (Extended Mix) // RhythmDK – Music Is
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  2. Music Is (Dmitri114 Said Mix) // RhythmDK – Music Is
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