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03 April 2017
Global Indulgence, Vol. 2

Various Artists – Global Indulgence, Vol. 2

Global Indulgence, Vol. 2

If you have been following the label for the past year or so. You will be familiar with our Global Indulgence compilation. We released the very first one, Global Indulgence, Vol. 1  on the 14th of February last year. The compilation was initially aimed at attracting new artists from all around the globe who share our music feel and express our vision.


Needless to say, it was very well received and it paved a way for many artists and the label its self. Global Indulgence, Vol. 1 introduced a lot of the artists you find in our catalogue today.


Global Indulgence, Vol. 2 is no different. We still go around the globe musically and bring you some of the best underground artists. This release features Twin//Peaks,  Phono-Vibez, Melodymann, Michael Johnston, Chujo, Le Smoove, Hayden Green, Fizzikx, Lu York,   Arie Mando, Derrick Da House, Deelay, Richelle Hicks and head honcho H Justini. Each of these artists brings their own style and flavour with influences that range from Deep, Soulful and  Garage. We are very proud of this compilation as a lot of work went into it. We had to make sure that every CMR artist is featured on this release and that they shine as they deserve to. We also have some fresh names on our catalogue that you will surely appreciate and enjoy.


Global Indulgence, Vol. 2 is currently available as a promo on Traxsource.



Official Release date: 3 April 2017.


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